A downloadable game for Windows

Meteors is a small but nice game. The goal of the game is to destroy the meteors which come from top before they arrive at the bottom. Furthermore, there are 3 items.

Slowmotion: Slows down the meteors for 10 seconds.
Bomb: Destroy all meteors.
Freeze: Freeze all meteors for 10 seconds.

In addition, there are still satellites that can come from the sides and can be removed with a right click. But if you destroy them with a left click you have lost. There is also a boss in the game spawning after every 4th wave. To destroy it, you have to click alternately with right and left. And then there's an energy drink called Red Metor. When activated, all meteors passing through the middle will be destroyed for 10 seconds.

The game also includes a local multiplayer and a daily challange, as well as a shop.

Made by Bobaner & Frosch2010



Meteors.zip 23 MB